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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies


Cruising Log of the S/V Queen Emma (was Eaux Vives)

This a log of all the messages from Susie & Lance sailing in the Eastern Caribbean. For pictures, please see the Photo Journals.


2017-18 Caribbean Sailing season

April 19th, 2018
Life in the slow Lane
In which the captain whinges and Dominicans don't

2016-17 Caribbean Sailing season

December 18th, 2016
Crossing the Atlantic in Style
In which the captain and crew of Queen Emma cross the Atlantic


2015-16 Caribbean Sailing season

April 10, 2016
Cruisers: The Next Generation
In which the world's cutest grandchildren join the crew.

January 10, 2016
In which Queen Emma gets a short slumber while her crew flies to Jamaica

December 5, 2015
Just call me "Shake"...
In which Queen Emma and crew sail again.

October 6, 2015
A Change in the weather...
In which the captain confronts mortality.

2014-15 Caribbean Sailing season

February 2, 2015
Cute critters and an accomodating bowman.
In which we sweet talk the admiral into climbing into the chain locker.

January 1,, 2015
Eating our way north with friends.
Queen Emma ambles north sampling food and friendship.

November 22,, 2014
Changes: Berkeley to St. Lucia .
Queen Emma is launched and her crew learns to accept change..

2013-14 Caribbean Sailing season

April 23th,, 2014
Playing pirate aboard Grayhound .
In which the captain signs on to the beautiful Lugger, Grayhound.

Mar 20th,, 2014
The all important fun/work ratio.
In which the Dorothea drives the boat and the captain replaces the water heater.

Feb 7th,, 2014
The Good, the Bad and the not so beautiful .
In which the captain falls in love underway from Antigua to St. Martin.

Jan 26th , 2014
Inter-island passages by two salted nuts.
In which Queen Emma coddles the crew through woopteedo squals northbound Martinique - Antigua.

Jan 5th , 2014
Whether you do, or weather you don't....sometimes.... depends upon the weather.
In which Queen Emma coddles the crew while St. Lucia washes out to sea.

Dec 4th , 2013
Back in the water again.
In which Anna joins the clan and Queen Emma gets shined and polished

2012-13 Caribbean Sailing season

April 16 , 2013
The Hare and the Hounds
Oyster Regatta in Grenada

Mar 19 , 2013
Provisioning in Paradise ...
Dominica is the Nature Island.

Feb 13, 2013
You may be wondering...
When its good, its very good.

Jan 29, 2013
Steven and Paul's excellent adventure
One adventure a day is all we ask......

Jan 7, 2013
No Adult Supervision
In which Aya brings her family to play and Queen Emma runs off with a party Cat..

Dec 21, 2012
Dolphins and Turtles and … Bats????, Oh my
Close encounters of a not unpleasant kind.

Oct 28, 2012
Disaster Averted!
In which Captain and Crew launch in record time and keep the mast from falling over.


2011-12 Caribbean Sailing season

May 16, 2012
World's worst crew in the best playpen ever
In which Captain and Crew welcome the youngest member of the ship's company

April 23 , 2012
Vanity, thy name is polished stainless steel
In which Queen Emma sheds her gantry..

March 20 , 2012
Another Fish Story

The tale of a fish and the people who eat him.

January 18 , 2012
On the Big Blue Wet Thing
An overnight passage from St. Martin to the BVI and a year's quick trip around the sun

December 23 , 2011
We experience a rather abrupt transition from summer to winter and chase down leaks

November 24 , 2011
Back aboard Queen Emma, all is well
We return to find Queen Emma has survived huricane season and tour the Island with Betsy


2010 Summer season

October 02, 2011
October 2, 2011 CLOD in Berkeley, CA
Some are busy being born, some are busy dying.

2010-11 Caribbean Sailing season

April 17 , 2011
April 17 Vini, Vidi, Vici
Queen Emma at the Oyster Regatta Grenada

March 25 , 2011
March 30 Strings and Rags and Other Salty Talk
The boys play with their toys in preparation for the Oyster Regatta

January 30 , 2011
January 30 Whether you do or whether you don't.....Depends upon the weather.
In which we meet hurricane Tomas and endeavour to not repeat the encounter

2010 Summer season

October 01, 2010
September 1 -Trip to Tobago
Adventures in Customs and Immigration (plus a little sailing)

September 03 , 2010
September 3 -Letter from Camp Grenada
More whinging about the heat, the humidity, hurricanes, lightening, dengue....

August 09 , 2010
August 9 -Twas a Quiet Day in Lake Carib
You got a window? Open it! (wet season in the Caribbean)

June 30 , 2010
June 30 -Three Weddings and a Nav Station
In which we return home for a couple of weddings and are surprised by a third.

2009-10 Caribbean season

May 9 , 2010
May 9 -Making Queen Emma Seaworthy
In which we prepare Queen Emma to really put to sea
April 23 -Lance and Susie's Economic Recovery Plan
In which we try to spend all the money we got from selling Eaux Vives in an attempt to save the West Indian Economy

March 24 , 2010
March 24 -Highs and Lows of the Yachting Life
In which we lose and recover Karl der Grosse, repower and quiet Queen Emma.

March 4 , 2010
March 4 - EC Come, EC Go
In which we sell Eaux Vives (again) and plan the distribution of funds

January 16 , 2010
January 16 - Bonnee Annee, Queen Emma
In which we name her and sacrifice bubbly and a propeller to Neptune

December 17 , 2009
December 17- More stupid boat tricks
Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

November 8 , 2009
November 8 - Down the Ditch
We motor down the ICW to Charleston, SC

October 30 , 2009
October 15 - Waiting for Weather
We wait in Hampton for our crossing of the gulf stream

October 15 , 2009
October 15 - Transitions
We visit the Annapolis boat show and ready ourselves for the Bermuda passage

2008-9 Caribbean season

May 14 , 2009
May 14 - Buying the boat Part Two
In which the deal is signed, the boat is inspected and the paperwork sealed

April 29, 2009
April 29 - Fleet Expansion: Part One
In which the admiral's fleet grows

March 29, 2009
March 29 - Eaux Vives' Post-strike Fiscal Stimulus Package
Cruiser's eye view of the general strike in Martinique

March 17, 2009
March 17 - Why sailors are superstitious
Life's a reach, then you gybe

February 15, 2009
February 15 - Jack and Jill went down the hill
Some fast and furious (but downwind) sailing

January 22, 2009
January 22 - Adventures in Bequia
Obama's inauguration at the Salty Dog

January 8 , 2009
January 8 - Gentrifying Paradise
St. Lucia needs money.

December 4, 2008
December 4 - Caribbean Thanksgiving
Our family Thanksgiving

November 18, 2008
November 18 - Vote 'n Go
Obama wins, St. Lucia celebrates and Eaux Vives splashes

2008 Summer season

October 31 , 2008
October 31,- Time to Go

August 22, 2008
August 22 - Annus horribilis

2007-8 Caribbean season

February 22, 2008
February 22 - St. Kitts: still weird:

February 8, 2008
February 8 - It ain't all Peaches and Cream:

December 6, 2008
December 6 - Holiday famiy reunion in the Spanish Virgins:

November 22, 2007
November 22- Red, Right, Returning:

Oct 25, 2007
October 25 - Playland at the Beach:

Summer season Puerto Rico to Chesapeake Bay with Kia Orana

June 11 , 2007
June 11 - Ports are no good. Ships rot and the men go to the devil:
De rats dem jus' go., The crew of Kia Orana jumps ship in Spanish Wells

May 14 , 2007
May 14 - The engines dies:
We search for fuel and the engines die

May 8 , 2007
May 8- Plan B:
The rhumb line to Puerto Rico is abandoned due to torn jib and we have close encounters of a reefy kind.

Season 5

March 31 , 2007
March 31 - The One that got away:
The engine dies, we nearly catch a fish and we clean diesel

March 13 , 2007
March 13 - Power to the People (or) The Devil's Dinghy:
New boat toys in St. Martin: Eaux Vives goes Green

February 24- Fish Story and Travelogue:
In which we sail to Barbuda, catch fish and view Frigate birds and Brits

January 26 , 2007
January 26 - Pannini at the end of the Rainbow:
St. Lucia to Guadaloupe. Repubs, development, fishing and Pannini

November 28, 2006
November 28 - I love my Link 10 :
Musings on meters

November 2006
November 10 • Boatyard Tales:
Return to St. Lucia and a partial cast of characters

Winter 2006

September 2006
September 14 • Eagles and Whales and Bears, Oh My!
Lesson learned: Gentlemen sail downwind.
September 08 • In which we brave the dread Nahwitti Bar
Our loins girded, we brave the bar at Cape Scott

Season 4

April 2006
April 6 • Break one, fix one: Moving on
I used to think that things wouldn't break if you did things right. We run over a polypro line and break a halyard. No problem, mon.
March 2006
March 6 • Wind and Waves, didactic news from the trip Grenada to St. Lucia
How the tropical winds are generated
February 2006
Feb 7 • Too much History: a Tour of Grenada
We learn a little of the history of Grenada from George of Survival Anchorage
January 2006
Jan 22 • 2 Rastas, an Old Man and the Sea
We sail onto the anchor in Tyrell Bay. Lance goes fishing with Rastas on a pirogue.
December 2005
Dec 20 • Splash! 2005
Elvis fabricates a rib for Eaux Vives in time for us to act as finish line for the ARC

Season 3

May 2005
May 15 • A Sinking feeling in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, Grenada
We clear in to Carriacou and discover our dinghy has sunk
April 2005
April 6 • via Riviere Salee on Guadaloupe: Antigua to St. Lucia
We pass from Antigua to St. Lucia via the Riviere Salee on Guadaloupe in search of a new water heater
March 2005
Mar 22 • Antigua history and wealth
Antiguan history: from boatyard of the British fleet in the Caribbean to megayacht center
February 2005
Feb 25 • Empire! Battle of the Saintes
In which we compare and contrast French and English experiences of Empire
Feb 13 • Fixing the boat, Island Style
In which we work on the boat in exotic places (but with Island Style)
January 2005
Jan 26 • Rum, bananas and Repairs
Martinique to Bequia: We work on the boat in exotic places
December 2004
Dec 27 • Karl takes a tour of St. Lucia: Vieux Fort to Rodney Bay
Karl Batten-Bowman takes a tour around St. Lucia. Vieux Fort to Rodney Bay
Dec 19 • Eaux Vives finally returns to the water and crosses to Martinique
We return Eaux Vives to the water and cross the St. Lucia channel to Martinique in search of decent food
Dec 17 • Return to the Cruising Life!
Falling down the rabbit hole and the wild ride of Mr. Magoo. Back in the Islands...
Season 2

June 2004
June 1 • Pirates of the Caribbean Digital Magic
We rediscover St. Vincent and the Grenadines and see the set of Pirates of the Caribbean
May 2004
May 12 • Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
We revisit the Tobago Cays and Mayreau in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
April 2004
Apr 23 • Marigot Bay: Eaux Vives nostalgia; "Down island"; St. Pierre, Martinique; St. Lucia
We compare and contrast French v. English Island style and Eaux Vives comes home to St. Lucia Apr 02 • Martin on Providence, "boat boy" and ambassador
We discover the delights of Dominica and meet Martin of Providence
March 2004
Mar 17 • Montserrat, Deshais, Guadaloupe & Les Saintes
We watch a terrible tug in Montserrat and sail Guadaloupe's leeward side
Mar 12 • Statia, St. Kitts, Nevis; a mighty wind; Statia & history; a curious museum
The charm of Nevis and the undeniable weirdness of St. Kitts is adequate grounds for divorce
February 2004
Feb 22 • Simpson Bay Lagoon, Sint Maarten
We break the snubber and buy a new mattress
Feb 03 • Water in the Bilge! Meltdown of the Blue Lunchbox Thingie
We circumnavigate St. Martin and overheat the engine
January 2004
Jan 17 • Emma goes to sea and the captain catches a fish
We get a visit from Emma Batten-Bowman, curcumnavigate Vieques and catch our first fish December 2003
Dec 31 • VHF Radio Drama on New Year's Eve, 2003 in the Virgins
Crew of Eaux Vives meets the world's friendliest customs agent
We hear a number of dramatic wrecks and one good joke on the VHF Radio
Dec 24 • Christmas dinner at Maho Camp, Francis Bay, St. John
We raft up with members of the Caribbean 1500 rally. Why land?
Dec 16 • Limin' at Marina Cay, Provisioning in Road Town
We fix the refrigeration and do provisioning in Road Town, BVI.
Dec 11 • Back in the BVI. Start Year 2
We put the boat back together and leave the BVI.

Season 1

May 2003
May 26 • "On the Hard" in Virgin Gorda, BVI
Snorkeling the Dogs and living on the boat in dry storage in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda
May 21 • Social Order in the Cruising Classes
No wind return to the BVI from St. Martin and decide we are cruisers
May 15 • Marigot Bay, St. Martin: color, spices, drawbridges
A little Caribbean weather and more boat repairs
We visit Fort Louis overlooking Marigot Bay, St. Martin
May 13 •Errant electricals on Passage to St. Martin/Sint Maarten
YOU FIXED IT! The passage to St. Martin from the BVI is enlivened by underway repairs
May 08 •Waiting for the weather window: passage to St. Martin
While waiting for a weather window to make the passage to St. Martin, we sail around Virgin Gorda
April 2003
Apr 24 • St. Thomas, St. John and around the BVI
Crew of Eaux Vives takes Jim Savercool around the USVI and BVI. We meet Foxy and find the bubbling pool
Apr 05 • Weighing water, ferry from Culebra to Puerto Rico
Crew of Eaux Vives takes the Ferry to Walmart and West Marine in Puerto Rico and carry water March 2003
Mar 27 • World's friendliest customs agent in Culebra, Puerto Rico
Mar 22 • Slow Sunday: Poor anchoring, excellent snorkeling
Poor holding, excellent anchoring at Key Cay
Mar 21 •Buck Island. No Wind? Snorkel!
In times of no wind, sailors go snorkeling
Mar 18 • Anegada. How much stuff do you need on a Boat?
Laundary makes us ponder how much stuff do you need on a sailboat
Mar 14 • Boat Repair philosophy and anchoring in Little Harbor, Peter Island, BVI
We get wierded out by St. John, crowded by Italians and repair the dinghy again
Mar 03 • Dancing fish in Little Harbor, Jost van Dyke, BVI
We bounce around the USVI and the BVI and hear about the dancing fish
February 2003
Feb 23 • Breaking a seacock, anchoring in a washing machine and seeing a shark
A little Caribbean weather, some St. John and St. Croix and we see a shark
Feb 07 • Tropical weather and finding "The Larry" of Dionis in Village Cay
A little Caribbean weather and more boat repairs
Feb 04 • Wind and fish in Hurricane Hole on St. John, USVI
We hide from heavy winds in hurricane hole
Feb 01 • Caribbean History and Coral Bay, USVI
Great Britian to USA. The Americans buy the islands from the Danes. We meet George, KP2G
January 2003
Jan 27 • Richardson's Rigging in Road Town, BVI
Rig tuning
Jan 26 • Refrigeration Repair and a little Caribbean History
Boat repair and a visit to St. John's Virgin Islands National park.
Jan 21 • Tropical Fish in Little Harbor on Peter Island, BVI
Description of the typical shallow water fish population
Jan 19 • We love Little Harbour, Peter Island, BVI
Moving anchor chain, dodging squalls and trying out the oven.
Jan 15 • Christmas Cove, Great St. James, off St. Thomas, USVI
Repairing the boat, installing Ham radio, watching sunsets.
Jan 13 • Christmas Cove, Great St James, off St. Thomas, USVI
We spend money in St. Thomas, USVI and recover in Christmas Cove
Jan 11 • Caneel Bay, St. Thomas, USVI
Back in the USA and in love with the National Park Service
Jan 09 • Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke, BVI
We visit the Foxy's Tamarind Bar on Jost van Dyke, BVI.
Jan 03 • Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, BVI
We visit the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, BVI.
Jan 01 • Drakes Anchorage, North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI
We sail up to North Sound on Virgin Gorda and stay at Mosquito Island, Drake's Anchorage
December 2002
Dec 30 • Back in Nanny Cay on Tortola, BVI
We sail back and get the paperwork on buying the boat from BVI Yacht Sales, in Nanny Cay
Dec 27 • We're Sailing!
We sail out to Norman Island, BVI and visit Peter Island.
Dec 24 • More news from Nanny Cay
Fixing Eaux Vives in Nanny Cay
Dec 22 • Still in Nanny Cay Marina
Fixing leaks and contemplating climbing his mast
Dec 19 • Still in Nanny Cay Marina
We move onto the boat and grow the TODO list
Dec 16 • From Susie: We're here!
We visit St. Thomas, USVI and take the ferry to Tortola, BVI. We inspect a 40' Beneteau.
Dec 16 • From lance: Journey to the Caribbean and seeing the boat
We visit St. Thomas, USVI and take the ferry to Tortola, BVI. We inspect a 40' Beneteau.
Dec 7 • Last minute preparations: buying boat toys
Spending boat bucks: we buy a Ham Radio for sending email
Dec 5 • Susie and Lance buy a sailboat.
We buy an ex-Moorings Beneteau M405 over the internet
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