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Friday, January 3, 2003: Virgin Gorda
    On Wednesday, the rains came in the late afternoon, and then just stayed. The boat definitely got a good fresh water rinse. On Thursday we took the dinghy over to the good snorkeling spot around the corner, a lovely beach as well. All of the islands has signs saying private island for resort guests only, except there is no one there. We had a lovely snorkel, and spent some time admiring a big Octopus, while a large snapper kept a watch on us. Then we found a lovely round fish, about two feet long with cute big eyes and a little mouth watching us from under a rock. Lance named him E.T. and when we got back to the boat, we found out that he is a porcupine fish, who puffs up and has spines when annoyed. We decided to stay in our anchorage, since the weather continued to blow and the other end of the Sound still looked quite crowded -- we knew the anchor was holding, why change things?
    So today, Friday, we had a long snorkel -- many large sea slugs and conches --
then we moved to a mooring at the Bitter End Yacht Club, and went ashore to admire the island. Everyone says that the New Years Week is the busiest week of the year, and then it quiets down until mid February, when it picks up and stays busy until high season ends in April/May. It is a luxury to be able to hang out in the same place and not move on at the Charterer's pace. We still need some help from the local Marine businesses, so we figure they will have time for us next week, and meanwhile, we relax and enjoy the scene.
     I think that being a working mom was good training for cooking on the boat. It is too hot to spend hours cooking, so the best meals are quick stove top meals. I always said that I was the queen of 30 minute dinners, so I'm adjusting to what's available here, and we are eating well. Most all fruits and vegetables are imported, so not only are they pricy, but they aren't that fresh. I got a huge fresh bok choy for $1, so we had chow mein, and then green curry, and tonight we're going to make a spicy marinated salad. I think I'll still need
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to come up with a couple more uses for it, before we'll have it finished.
    We think our first visitors are booking for February. Hopefully, more of you will decide to come. For those landlubbers who are nervous about boat motion, book a place on land, and have some lovely sail and snorkel trips with your friends. Post a message on and you'll get suggestions. We think Leverick Bay Resort looks like a lovely spot, and Cooper Island Beach Club. Bitter End is marvelous, though pricey, but compared to Necker Island, which is $15k-30k per NIGHT all inclusive for you and about 20 of your friends and relatives, it looks like a deal.
    Note to Beth: our insurance specifically excludes Cuba, Haiti and Columbia. My guess is that we'll be sticking to the Island Chain -- First the Virgins, then the Leeward Islands, and then the Windwards, if we get that far. So after BVI and US Virgins, we'll head for St. Martin.
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