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Buck Island, BVI Friday, March 21, 2003
    There's a lot of reuse of names over here. There are a least three Buck Islands that I know of. The weather has gone into extreme calm, low winds, glassy seas. So the best thing to do under these conditions is ....... snorkel!  You can see 30 feet down. Places that were scary because of the surge are lovely. We snorkeled Waterlemon Cay (Leinster Bay, St. John), and then the Caves on Norman Island, and then the wreck of the Rhone off Salt Island. And of course, we snorkeled our anchor in several places as well. There is not enough wind to go too far, we've actually been
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motoring, something we have not had to do before. We have been sailing at 1-3 knots, peacefully, slowly meandering. It hasn't rained for days, so the boat is really salty. I took a bucket and sponge around and cleaned off some of the worst -- windows, and handholds and such, but of course they are all salty again.
     This Buck Island anchorage is near the airport, and a little exposed. Looked better on the charts than it is in reality, but is one of those places that is said to be okay some of the time, and most places are okay in the current conditions.
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