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Poor anchoring, excellent snorkeling
This journal is a log of all the messages from Susie & Lance. For pictures, please see the Gallery.
Key Cay, Peter Island Saturday, March 22, 2003
    We sailed very slowly over here. The anchoring is difficult, except that when snorkeling the anchor, I swam around and found that there is one big patch of sand, big enough for about 3 boats to anchor in. Unfortunately, there were 3 boats already anchored in it.  The rest of the area has small sand patches, and hard white coral spots that look like sand, but aren't. I guess because it is Saturday night, every place is pretty crowded. We were just warned that every possible spot is crowded on Easter weekend, so pick your spot early.
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Somebody told us that 17 boats from the Puerto Rican Navy were rafted together in Little Harbour, Peter Island Easter weekend. Uh oh.
     But it's now Sunday, and we had a lovely snorkel. We also had a little rain, which washed some of the salt off, and the winds are picking up. So we will take off tomorrow to stock up for new adventures. Our BVI visa expires on Tuesday so we have to leave again.
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