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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Christmas Cove, Great St James, USVI
This journal is a log of all the messages from Susie & Lance. For pictures, please see the Gallery.
Monday, Jaunary 13, 2003
    We spent two nights in Caneel Bay, recovering from shopping. Besides, everything is closed on Sunday, so we might as well hang out on the boat. I got about half of the stanchions cleaned and polished, and Lance replaced one of the bimini straps with one he sewed himself. We figured out that the jack line that needs replacing probably got chafed because the pulley on the mast that is should go through is missing, or rather, it is in the tool drawer instead of on the mast. So the jack line has been going through some jury rigged thingy that is too small. We had a nice snorkel. A Kingfish jumped in the dinghy but we were unprepared to consume him and so released him.
    So Monday morning we took off for the bay by the Budget Marine on St. Thomas, so we could dinghy in and borrow the chain samples, and figure out what size chain fits in the gypsy on the windlass. First we were momentarily grounded when we chose a spot to try and anchor. The next spot was really windy, and took three tries. Lance took the dinghy in, returned with the samples, and then went back wondering how the hell we would transport 200 feet of chain via dinghy onto the boat. But, no problem,. they don't have 200 feet of chain, this is the islands, after all, maybe it is in the container they will unload. Call back Wednesday. And then Lance called the guy at Island Marine who is trying to get our shower hose for us. Fred said, glad
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you called, I haven't called them yet, call again tomorrow.
     The bay is very shallow and unprotected to the east and we had a very wild anchor drill followed by a very wet and long dinghy ride over to the boat yard. Captain is now contemplating how to get 200' of chain on the boat and what to do with 200' of rusty chain. Heavy. Two adventures a day is all Lance can take, so we pulled up anchor, and motored over to Christmas Cove, which seems very peaceful.

8/2/06 Note: The answer to chain transport is move it end for end in short sections. Chain, like everything else in the islands will gladly be put to new use.

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