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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Hurricane Hole on St. John, USVI
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Tuesday, February 4, 2003
    It sounds from here like the general economy is still going down. The property values seem like they must follow at some point. Raw property and miserable shacks sell for a fortune on St. John. Berkeley prices seem reasonable in that the houses at least have plumbing and water connections. We met Warren, a charter operator who is going broke this year and is selling off some stuff before giving up and going home. We made the radio modem connection beautifully on Thursday and decided to get the davits if he could help us get them installed. The whole process is going blazingly fast by Island standards - so one missed connection shouldn't be a problem. We are in Hurricane Hole on St. John. It got too windy and rolly in Coral Bay so we moved around the corner.
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    Coral Bay is isolated but this is really deserted. Beautiful tall volcanic mountains covered with vines, trees, cactus and ringed by mangrove. Huge coral heads and beautiful reefs. Yesterday we saw a nursery shark, lobster, manta ray and a puff fish. Schools of tang (bright blue fish the size of your hand, with a silly looking grin formed by gills) After we anchored, I went to dive the anchor to see if it had set well (its been blowing hard - gusts to 30kts). A huge transparent jelly fish was just off the transom. I waited. Its now dark and blowing but our anchor is good, the boat is cozy and there are no waves to disturb our beauty rest. We still haven't got the refrigerator part - the mail man just didn't show up yesterday and the mail station is not answering the radio today. Tomorrow I'll brave a long dinghy ride into "town" and call the machinist, the dock and Warren.
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