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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northbound Vieques, Puerto Rico Southbound

Vieques has had the fortune (good or bad depending on your point of view) to have been used primarily for target practice throughout most of the period that saw development in the other islands. We sailed completely around the island, staying in most of its fine little bays and saw another boat anchored only in the main town. There seems to be something about unexploded ordinance which keeps out the riff raff. Those of us made of sterner stuff, will find the solitude and wildlife more than makes up for the inadvisability of taking a walk inland on shore.

The biolumenescent bay absolutely must be visited. You kayak in on a dark night and watch the sparkeling lights swirling off your paddles. Dipping your hand in and letting the water drip down your arm produces a marvelous science fiction effect as the light flows down over your skin. If you go in for a swim (no mosquito repellant, it kills the dinoflagets), you can make a sort of snow angel in the water.

No tresspassing sign, Vieques
The remains of the military use of the island prevented development. The sign is not kidding: see below.
Starfish on the bottom, Vieques, Puerto Rico
Clear waters off Vieques
Sets from Pirates of the Caribbean, Wallilabou, SVG
Unexploaded ordinance, Vieques
Susie and Emma on a deserted beach on Vieques
Susie and Emma walk an otherwise eserted beach on Vieques
North coast of Vieques
Vieques coast
Sunset, Vieques
Sunset, Vieques, Puerto Rico
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