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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

  Fajardo, Puerto Rico Southbound

Fajardo is the largest pleasure boating center for the main island of Puerto Rico. It has a great number of boat yards and marinas and associated services as well as easy access to a West Marine and a Walmart. One of the marinas is so big, they use golf carts to ferry you out to the boats. If you've been paying 3 times the value of boat stuff in the BVI, a West Marine comes as a pleasant surprise. You can get your propane filled and your fill of fresh water and first world washers and dryers. The pace is not so laid back Caribbean, but rather a special Borinquen energy. Quieter anchorages are available further from San Juan in places like Salinas. The interior of the main island is beautiful and rural and features a huge rainforest park called El Yunque.

El Yunque is a fabulous place to hike in the cool of the rain forests and Old San Juan will give you all the history and street life of a trip to Europe and Fajardo will repair, provision and re-equip your boat. What's not to like?

Dancers at a street fair in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dancers at the street fair in San Juan
Sculptures of heads on a balcony in San Juan
Sculptures on a balcony in San Juan, Puerto Rico
View along sea wall toward the fort in San Juan
Along the sea wall towards the fort in San Juan
Street party, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Street fair in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Admiral and Captain on the rocks before waterfall in El Yunque
Stream in the rainforest, Puerto Rico
Stream in the rain forest, Puerto Rico
Susie and Emma on a trail in the rainforest
Susie and Emma on a trail in the rainforest, Puerto Rico.
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