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Northbound Martinique Down Island
Bierre Lorraine
Bierre Lorraine
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flag of France
Flag of France
Martinique is an overseas department of France. It is a little bit of Europe with good roads, orderly farms and spectacular food. Le Marin is the huge boater's area with customs, chandleries, sail lofts and all manner of obscure boat parts on sale. Fort-de-France is a tropical French colonial capital and a bustling place with a particularly nice Carnival. St. Pierre, in the north, is a city which was destroyed by volcano at the turn of the century and still has fascinating ruins, wrecks and a museum. If you are interested in Volcanoes (or just a good hike) climb Mount Pele. We really enjoyed the Banana Museum and did an excellent tour of the St. James Rum distillery. Rum connoisseurs seem to consider it a "fine sipping rum".

If you enjoy wine, cheese or pate, this is the place to provision as the selection is quite limited and the prices high in any of the British Islands. We repowered in Le Marin and found the slightly higher prices of the first world more than compensated by the better service and results. Click here for the details.
French Bakery in Ste. Anne, Martinique
Bakery in Ste. Anne, Martinique
The unofficial flag of Martinique
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