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Northbound Forte de France , Martinique Southbound

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There are several anchorages in Forte de France. One is just below the fort(e) at right.The fort is still an active military base but older portions are viewable in the park at the northern end of the anchorage. We like to anchor right under the fort. It is protected from the east winds and close to town but the very regular ferry service running behind you will rock the boat during the day. This is what we call a "coffee spiller" of an anchorage, but you can check in/out at "Sea Services" a fine chandlery and shop at Leader Price. The city itself is a fine example of colonial, tropical France and it could be New Orleans or Saigon. There are very quite anchorages at Trois Islet (which can be a little warm) or at Anse Mitan which has a fuel dock where you can get fuel (expensive) and water (cheap). Just south of the big bay are two fine anchorages at Grand and Petite Anse d' Arlet which feature spectacular snorkeling and a small beach-town atmosphere.

The fort at Forte de France is still active.
The fort in Forte de France
The river at Forte de France
The river at Forte de France
Forte de France at sunrise
The Forte in another mood
Mardi Gras in Forte de France
Mardi Gras, Forte de France Martinique
Le Grande Bleu anchored at Forte de France
We spotted "Le Grande Bleu" at FdeF . The sloop mounted on deck is 72' long.
The old iron cathedral in Forte de France
The iron church in Forte de France. The library is also spectacular.
Petite Anse d' Arlet, tres cute
Petite Anse d' Arlet, Martinique
Diamond Rock
Rocher du Diamant aka HM Sloop-of-War Fort Diamond


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