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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

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Anegada, BVI Anegada lies off by itself to the north of the rest of the islands. It is surrounded by reefs and is very low and flat and requires a little navigation to reach. This is usually the only sail in the BVI that can take you out of sight of land. The anchorage is shallow and sandy and very pretty. A great bakery will deliver to your boat. The snorkeling beach is over to windward and getting there involves an expensive taxi ride. Not packed with bars and boats, this is where you go to get away from getting away from it all.
Anegada Anchorage
Anegada Anchorage
Sunset over Anegada
Sunset over Anegada
Wreck on the beach at Anegada, BVI
There are a huge number of wrecks surrounding Anegada
Hermit crabs on Anegada Beach
Hermit crabs on Anegada beach
Lobster in trap at Anegada
Lobster are plentiful on the reefs of Anegada
Seagulls on fence post, Anegada BVI
Seagulls on fence on Anegada BVI
Lance on beach at Anegada, BVI
Typical Yachtie on the beach at Anegada, BVI
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