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Northbound The Pitons, St. Lucia Southbound

The pitons

The Pitons are stunning. This anchorage can be a little rolly and you must take up mooring balls but the scenery is worth it.

Most people prefer the mooring field directly between the pitons to enjoy the changing of the view as the light changes on these fabulous mountains. You can dinghy around Petit Ption (the northern mountain) for a visit to Soufriere. The hike up the hill behind the anchorage is steep but well worth the climb People do climb the Pitons themselves but only with a guide that knows the route. It is very steep, very hot and not for those in other but excellent condition.

The Pitons, St. Lucia
The Pitons, St. Lucia

The Park

You must pay the rangers for the use of the national park. It is worth it. You may optionally pay a boat boy to help you tie up to the mooring ball. I generally doThere is very good snorkeling at the rightmost edge of the anchorage

Botanical Gardens in Soufriere. A nice walk from the anchorage.
Petit Piton from the road up from the anchorage
Petite Piton from the road up to the village

The first time we visited Soufriere, we dinghied around the mountain from the anchorage between the Pitons.. The ride was fabulous and we felt more comfortable leaving our boat in the tonier pitons anchorage than in the somewhat sketchy looking ttown. We did decide the town was well worth the visit but spent most of the time kind of clutching our metaphorical purses. There are many old buildings and a sleepy kind of old Caribbean charm but, there is also extreme differences between your wealth and their poverty that can give rise to problems. Our most recent visit to Soufriere included an overnight at the bat cave. (Mooring for the bat cave is included in the parks charge for the moorings between the Pitons when you buy the longer pass) We had a fabulous breakfast at the very lovely Hummingbird Beach Hotel followed by a pleasant walk to the botanical gardens. We paid a nominal charge for someone to watch the dinghy at the dock and he did a fine job keeping the dinghy from banging against the dock as the tide changed. It is a good illustration of how different your experiences of a given location can be depending on who you meet and your mood. Visit Sourfriere before it gets Disnified!

Sleepy Sourfriere
Joe Gross and Carol Brosgart in the botanical gardens in Soufriere
Joe Gross and Carol Brosgart in the Botanical Gardens

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