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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northbound Vieux Fort, St. Lucia  

Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort is the location of the Airport. The anchorage is surprisingly pleasant and it is great to pick guests up here. There are customs at the commercial dock but you must walk around to the airport to go to immigration. Park your dinghy at the fish dock and enjoy a beautiful walk at the really nice end of St. Lucia The south is poorer, more interesting and less crowded. This is where the really good kite boarding is and some of the longest, emptiest beaches in the Caribbean.

Sunset over the Pitons from Vieux Fort
View of the Pitons from the anchorage at Vieux Fort.
Susie on the walk to the Vieux Fort airport
Walking along some of the most beautiful beaches in the island chain on the way to Hewanora Airport from the anchorage at Vieux Fort
Horses near the Vieux Fort airport
Horses grazing near the beach in southern St. Lucia
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