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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northbound Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Southbound

Marigot Bay looks like a crack in the cliffs from the seaward side. Inside the inner lagoon, you are looking past the palm trees at the setting sun. Customs here is quite gracious and you should definitely visit Mygo The inner lagoon is usually very crowded and the outside channel even more so. Discovery is building huge hotel and condo development with a Moorings base out front. The whole place is a zoo with a free ferry crossing the neck of the lagoon, boat vendors, charterers picking up and dropping off boats and wanderers like ourselves stopping in on the way north or south. Why go? It is a spectacular natural setting, but sadly overdeveloped. The development is now (2007) complete and there is now a mooring field in the lagoon and channel markers in the channel. This has eliminated much of the confusion but has not made the place any more restful. If you are a charterer, you will definitely want to pick up a mooring ball and visit the bars and restaurants. If you are planning a vacation in the Caribbean some of the small resorts here would be a very good choice. Its somewhat more secluded than the Sandals developments and much nicer. You can easily get up to Marigot bay, go to the fish fry or go to Castries from here. If you are a typical cruiser, you may want to take a quick look and spend the night somewhere calmer.

S/V Georgia in Marigot Bay
The sailing vessel Georgia came in and stern tied
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