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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northbound Prickly Bay, Grenada  
Closeup of nutmeg
Nutmeg - gold of the 18th century (the red outer hull is mace)

Prickly Bay is just the most central of the many anchorages on the southern coast of Grenada. The south is deeply indented and surrounded by reefs so you could spend a season just noodling among the anchorages here. Prickly Bay is surrounded by fancy houses, manicured lawns and some lovely beaches and many business catering to yachties. De Big Fish has a dinghy dock and makes a decent pizza. Budget Marine is right behind it by Spice Island Marina and from there you can catch the dollar bus into St. George's. The Tiki bar in Prickly Bay Marina seems to be a popular hangout and there is a fuel dock, water and internet available there. This bay is very nice but so large as to make you feel a little anonymous and can roll a little. There is a very active cruising community on the south coast of Grenada and it is not hard to get plugged in to the group. Jonathan of Island Water World runs an active VHF Net on 68 at 7:30. We stayed here when we had errands to do and tucked in at Mt. Hartman or Clark's Court Bay for a little more relaxed stay..

Hog Island Anchorage, Grenada
Hog Island

A little more isolated and restful. Flat as a table in all conditions.

St. George's, Grenada
St. George's has two inner bays: the Carenage and the Lagoon (visible at right)

The lagoon is quite exposed to the sketchier part of town but you can dinghy to Island Water World. Overnight anchoring is safer "outside". The lagoon is now full of moorings from the giant marina expansion, so you must anchor "outside".

Clark's Court Bay, Grenada
Calivigny Island in Clark's Court Bay

There is a bus from Island View Restaurant in lower Woburn but it is much farther on poor roads into town. Hog Island is the next bay to the left and you can dinghy over the reef.

We had a great inland tour from George of "Survival Anchorage". The history and natural beauty of the place are its most obvious attractions. More subtle, but longer lasting is the attraction of the Grenadian people. Friendly despite their difficulties.

Prickly Bay, Grenada
Prickly Bay at sunset

Great access to services and cruiser HQ in southern Grenada.

Susie and Coffee
Chocolate - our drug of choice is grown and processed here
Etange, fresh water for Grenada
Ample Fresh water from Etange makes Grenada lush
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