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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northbound Tyrrel Bay, Grenada Southbound
We had some great scuba dives and a refresher course with Lumba Dive First dive in 5 years and we got some great pictures. Pizza afterwards at Lazy Turtle. Can't be beat.

News from Tyrel Bay

Nothing much happens in Tyrel Bay.The new marina developement up in the mangroves seems finally to be in operation. The actual dock area continues to silt but the retaining walls are quite substantial looking. The pizza place has a new owner but is every bit as good. It is now called "Lazy Turtle". The big ferry is still sitting in the bay and there is always a big barge or two in for work. A new restaurant, Slipways, is on the beach east of the haulout.

A Marine park was established amidst great fanfare. The big change is mooring bouys at Sandy Island (an absurd large number placed too close together) and a sign in Harvey Vale. A fine boat to be used for enforcement disappeared suddenly after it was used to remove fish traps from the mangroves.

Ferry with ramp on the beach
New ferry ready for work on the beach
Lazy Turtle and Lumba Dive

Lazy Turtle: new owner even better pizza

Lumba Dive: great diving around Carriacou

Tyrrel Bay has two moods: sleepy and sleepier. The holding is like velcro if you place your anchor in sand - black ice if you put it in the turtle grass. Very relaxed but everything you really need is here. Free wifi from Tyrell Bay businesses and yachties. .Garbage tip on the left on the road into Hillsborough, water available at Tyrrel Bay Haul Out, wine smuggler, lobster & oyster vendors come to you. Tyrrel Bay Haulout can order boat parts on the ferry from Island Water World in Grenada and Dominque can do anything with metal. A decent canvas shop. Nice walks. Very relaxed.

Commercial dock, Tyrel Bay, Carriacou
Commercial Dock at Tyrrel Bay with traditional sloop

Carriacou is one of the few places left in the world where you can still watch boats being built with hand tools on the beach. These are large, working boats used for long lining and or cargo. It is really amazing to watch logs being shaped into knees with a chain saw. I asked one builder if he had plans for the boat and he asked me, somewhat puzzled "Why do I need plans? I know what I want." He said it took him and a helper about 6 months to build a boat like the one pictured "if you have the money". Apparently, some of the longer lasting projects are hung up for lack of money for the non-homemade parts.

rum shop, Carricacou
500 Rum shops are reputed to exist on the island
Dominique's Floating Workshop, Tyrel Bay
Dominique's Metal Shop
ribs of a traditional boat being built on the beach
Building traditional boats on the beach, Windward, Carriacou
Tyrel Bay Haulout
Traditional boat at Tyrrel Bay Haul Out
busy road in Carriacou
The only busy road is the one running to Hillsborough. People normally park and walk in the street and cars pass politely.
Walking to the point, Tyrel Bay
Walking to the point
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