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Frigate Bird Colony in Barbuda 2/20/07

Frigate Bird Colony in Barbuda 2/15/11

Barbuda lies just to the north of Antigua and well east of Nevis. It is large, low lying and very sparsely populated. There is a whole lot of respite from the hustle of English and Falmouth Harbors to be had here. Miles of deserted beaches and lots of sky and birds to watch. Barbuda has a population of a small high school and is blessed with more than enough land and fish to go around. Not a lot of tourist infrastructure here and we all hope that it remains that way.
sand and conch shell
Sand is the major export of Barbuda and is in ample supply
The old dock, Barbuda
The charts describe this as "The Old Dock (ruin)"

Barbuda has a very long reef extending down toward Antigua. We exited this anchorage through a narrow gap in the background and had a great sail back. The dark areas you see are reefs which rise up from a whtie sandy bottom between 8' and 12' below the surface. Many of them reveal at low tide. Our walks along the shore were undisturbed by other visitors and we only saw a few people at various points, usually at a distance.

Eaux Vives among the reefs at Spanish Point, Barbuda
That's Eaux Vives tucked in among the reefs in about 8' of water.
Come in with the sun overhead as these reefs break the surface at low tide.
Susie at the Castle Barbudan "The Castle "
The charts describe this as "The Castle (ruin) "
Susie before the  "road of sorts " "Road of Sorts ", Barbuda
The charts describe this as "Road of Sorts"
artsy picture of shell and driftwood.
There is an austure beauty to Barbuda much like the desert.
Susie walking toward Spanish Point, Barbuda
Walking east toward Spanish Point.
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