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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Ode to Denis on the occasion of his 75th birthday
Eaux Vives on the hard

FOD April 20, 2013

It's Denis who connects us all,
And why we gather in this hall.
He’s paid for us to get a lift,
To join him for his 75th.

When I met him 2005,
He made my radio come alive.
Time and again he makes a fan
By offering out his helping hand.

A weatherman he used to be,
Before he ventured out to sea.
For years he wouldn’t let them know
For fear that some boats would follow

From bay to bay, bouy and tether,
Trying to escape inclement weather.
But now he knows his destiny,
To spread his lore to you and me.


I think he’s up at 5:30
Boots computers up to see
What all the special progs will tell,
If his dongle’s doing well.

Then he’s checked in George’s net
To verify what we might get
If we venture out to sea.
It’s ground truthing, he tells to me.

For hours he has been awake,
The weatherman knows what’s at stake
Not your average sailor man,
A hard working, sober man.

Coke Zero he brings to a party,
It doesn’t matter, he parties hearty.
And better still, he brings Arleen.
Belle of the ball, I have seen.

Let’s talk about these SEED meetings,
(Sometimes they’re awful drunken things)
We seem to get no business done,
Again, it's all part of the fun.

Few of us would ever fail
To check with him before we sail.
We check in most every day
To hear what he (and others) say.

Arlene is there and that is nice.
His external memory device?
We do hear her when we should,
Only when our jokes are good.


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Let us talk of our friend Merl,
Our superior propagation girl.
Tells us of the strength of wind,
By the state her windmill’s in.

Kokopelli’s to be sold,
With shiny water tanks I’m told.
The cockpit bright work will stay grey,
But Gary’s checking every stay.

The chain plates will be like brand new,
They’ve taken past a month to do.
What she’ll fetch, no one knows,
The price excludes one toilet hose.

Clive likes to stay in touch,
Though he doesn’t listen much.
Denis says: “Ya otta stay”
Clive goes sailing anyway.

    Free Spirit covered lots of ground,
    They sailed up they sailed down.
    We hear John on the radio,
    They say that’s English, I dunno?

    Idunnno, that’s June and Mike,
    Both of them easy to like.
    But is that name just out of hand?

    Kristin, Terry, scared of the swell,
    Don’t ask Laurie, he can’t tell.
    There are more names that I should rhyme
    But I am running out of time.


    Back to our host, and our hostess,
    You people really are the best.
    This party we just couldn’t miss,
    But it is time I had a … comfort stop.

    Sorry this went on and on,
    One more line and I am gone.
    Happy birthday, Honoured One
    This is all part of the fun!

    And I couldn’t rhyme anything with Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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