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Northbound Montserrat Down Island

Montserrat Volcano Observatory
map of montserrat
Map of Montserrat
flag of montserrat
Flag of Montserrat

Montserrat is a sad place. The islanders who remained after the volcano exploded live among the wreckage of a once beautiful, thriving place. Now it is mostly used as an over night stop on the passage from Nevis to Guadeloupe. We spent an alarming night there watching the tug "Baton Rouge" struggle with an overloaded barge but did not actually get off the boat and on to land. The views of the volcano are spectacular as it seems to steam fairly often

In April of 2006, the bulge started growing and the ash ejections were somewhat more frequent. In a southwestern wind we had quite a bit of this ash blown on to Eaux Vives while anchored in Jolly Harbor Antigua. It is very fine and consequently, very difficult to remove. Later on the dome collapsed and the resulting plume of ash was visible on satellite photos all the way to Columbia. Fortunately, we were well away by then and prevailing winds carried the ash quite far away. The weather stations normally report activity here and you can monitor the montserrat website for up to date information. If you are in the immediate area, tune into ZJB Radio 88.3 or 95.5 FM for up-to-date information on the volcano's status.

Volcano from the eastern side
Volcano from the eastern side February 2008
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