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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Clockwise Norman and Peter Islands, BVI Counter-clockwise

The eastern edge of Drake's channel offers several fine anchorages and stunning snorkeling on Norman and Peter Islands and the park at the Indians. Our haven for the first year was "Little Harbor" which usually is a fast reach from Road Town on Tortola and, though full of boats, is usually pretty quiet as it lacks beach bars. A turtle patrols in the morning and the pelicans are often most entertaining. Beneres Bay and Key Cay are usually also very quiet. The party action is found on Norman Island which is home to the "Willy T" a floating bar/restaurant and "Pirates". These attract the party crowd. There are a few moorings outside the bight which are wonderful for snorkeling and for avoiding drunks. Possibly the best snorkeling in the islands, "The Caves" at Norman Island and "The Indians" are spectacular and great fun.

Little Harbor, Peter Island, BVI
Little Harbor on Peter Island is an oasis, even when crowded.
Retrieving stern tie in Little Harbor, Peter Island, BVI
Generally stern tie to the rocks on shore and anchors to center is the rule in Little Harbor
The Caves, Norman Island, BVI
View from inside "The Caves", Norman Island. Fabulous snorkeling
Cup coral, Peter Island, BVI
Coral in "The Caves" Norman Island.
Sailing in Drake's Channel. Norman Island (left) St. Johns (right)
Sailing Drake's Channel: Norman on the left, St. Johns on the right
Tiles in the ruins above Little Harbor, Peter Island, BVI
Tiles in the ruins above Little Harbor, Peter Island, BVI
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