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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Northwestbound Barbados Down Island
map of Barbados
Map of Barbados
Flag of Barbados
Flag of Barbados
According to wikipedia., large numbers of Celtic people, mainly from Ireland and Scotland, were sold into slavery in Barbados by the British. The earliest of these mass transportations (1649) included an estimated 1/3 of the indigenous Celtic population of Ulster. Over the next several centuries the Celtic population was used as a buffer between the Anglo-Saxon plantation owners and the larger African population. To my ears, the bajan accent sounds pleasingly Irish to this day. It is a long way to Barbados and upwind all the way from the rest of the island chain. We still haven't made it there but hope to as the Captain and Crew become a little more adventurous. We'll let you know. Usually boats visit here on their trans-atlantic crossing and then sail downwind to the other islands.
coat of arms of Barbados
Coat of Arms of Barbados.
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