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George Cline KP2G
George Cline, KP2G Coral Bay, St. John

January 11, 2016:

KP2G is silent key

George Cline passed away Jan 11, 2016 in Birmingham Alabama. His contributions to Amateur Radio, to cruisers in the Caribbean and to his island of St., John cannot be over valued. He gave freely of his time and his knowledge to many of us and he will be sorely missed. The world is a lesser place in the absence of this exemplary gentleman, As of this writing, the Caribbean Maritime Mobile Weather Net continues Monday through Saturday at 7:00 AM AST on 7250 LSB.

George Cline (KP2G) reports the weather to HAMS and shortwave listeners sailing in the Eastern Caribbean. He runs the Caribbean Maritime Mobile Net in the mornings at approximately 7:00 AST on 7250 LSB. In case of severe weather, he runs the Caribbean Cocktail and Weather Net at 16:30 AST on 7086LSB.. Following is a list of weather resources he uses in preparing for the weather broadcasts. If there are errors or broken links, please let me know - all errors are mine and George should not be blamed for them.

George Cline's (KP2G) Weather Sites for 2010

1 // National Hurricane Center & Tropical Wx Discussion .
2 Radio Fax Charts New Orleans

NRL Monterey Weather satellite Products


Geostationary Satellite Server

6 Google "Dominican Republic Radar” RADAR Dominican Republic
7 RADAR Martinique/Guadaloupe
8 RADAR Trinidad
9 RADAR ABC islands
10 RADAR St. Martin / ABC
11 RADAR Panama Canal
12 RADAR Cancun
13 RADAR Jamaica
14 RADAR Cuba
15 RADAR Bahamas
16 RADAR & Atlantic Charts - Bermuda
17 MIMIC-TPW (Total Precipitable Water)
18 RADAR Barbados
19 Saharan Dust

Bermuda weather, Atl Prog charts,etc

21 PR-VI-Anagada Pass. Fcst.

Local PR-VI weather discussionr

22 Eastern Atlantic/Africa
(go down to Cape Verde section and look at first entry for Africa to Indian Ocean. Look at 5th one for new waves off Africa, etc)
23 Spot satellite images of stormimages, etc

Storm Pulse for good storm coverage

25 Caribbean sat imagery

Swells and wave models


Buoy data, Atlantic and elsewhere
Note: Click on arrows at edges of image to go to new areas.


Excellent collection of charts, models and satellite photos


Caribbean focus on lightning, radar, prog charts, Wx Underground:


Global lightning


Latest Earthquakes


Sun spots, HF propagation info

33 Useful for boaters along the Venezuela coast. Repeats many southern lightening strike detectors
34 Venezuela radar

World wide collection of meterological data


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