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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

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Canadian beer
Canadian Beer
Map of Vancouver Island
Flag of Canada
Flag of Canada
The west coast of Vancouver island is deeply penetrated by deep channels and sprinkled with off shore islands. The main occupations of the area are fishing, mining and tourism. Weather blows in from the Northwest and can be very intense, but it is not as intensely cold as inland areas at similar latitudes. Lots of rain makes for misty temperate rainforests and, as another boundary between tectonic plates, it is rugged and steep. There are hundreds of little anchorages which are usually deserted and often very protected. The waters abound with salmon, and other fish and consequently, marine mammals. Sea otters, humpback whales, orcas, and sea lions feed happily on the sea's bounty. In the air, bald eagles, heron, kingfisher rule over the usual array of sea birds. Bears were spotted on shore. First Nation villages, often reached only by plane or boat, are sprinkled sparsely across the larger islands.
Graphic Wolf
First Nation Graphic Wolf in Ahousat
Hot Springs at Hot Springs Cove
Hot Springs at Hot Springs Cove
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