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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

San Francisco Bay California  
Map of the Island of California

Bear Flag of California Republic

Golden Hills of California

California has long thought of itself as an Island. It was depicted as an island on old maps for many years after people knew better because the Sierras and the deserts pretty effectively cut it off from civilization. The coast is rugged and beautiful and mostly (at least above Point Conception) shrouded in fog. In fact, San Francisco bay was discovered from the land side since no sane sailor wanted to sail inside the Farallon Islands to the "Golfo" to see what was in all that fog. The winds are normally from the north west and the current flows south from Alaska. Southbound is a sleigh ride and sailors wishing to sail north must either bash into it or go close hauled most of the way to Hawaii and then tack back.

Avalon Ballroom, Catalina
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