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Astahaya (49 images)

After having our offer accepted on the Oyster 45 we had seen early in the season, we were checking in at customs in Antigua. After check-in we wandered the docks in Nelson's Dockyard to see the fine yachts normally docked there. Susie spotted a boat that looked quite like our new boat and pointed it out to me. She then spotted another, and another & so on. We had stumbled on the Oyster Regatta which is held in alternate years in Antigua. A huge fleet of over 40 Oyster yachts were assembled for parties, racing and advice and repairs by the experts. We were quickly adopted by the kind folks at Oyster "You're part of the family, now" and invited to the festivities. They also linked us up with Tom Howard of the yacht Astahaya to participate in the races as crew. Astahaya finished third in a one class division of 8 Oyster 56's. The short movie is of a meeting of the Royal Naval Tot Club of Antigua and Barbuda in which a record for largest number of participants in a tot was set. The rest of the the pictures are of (or from) Astahaya.

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