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Antigua Charter Boat Show

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We arrived back at Falmouth Harbor just in time to catch the end of the annual charter boat show. This event is an opportunity for high end charter yachts to show the vessels to brokers who actually book the business. The event fills the docks with some of the most fabulous motor and sail yachts afloat. They get to show off their interiors, toys and eye appeal to one and all. Some of them range from almost imaginable in cost to staggering. Maltese Falcon, for example, is rumoured to charter for 360,000 Euro a week. These rates do not include fuel, food or gratuities for the staff. On the plus side you can bring along 11 of your friends and split the cost.!

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Maltese Falcon Mirabella V High Style Yacht Exuma: bow Exuma: starboard side Exuma: hovercraft in toyroom dolphin striker Rolling out fenders Starboard yacht has right of way Maltese Falcon sails out of anchorage AIS display at Charter Yacht Show

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