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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Indian River, Dominica

Portsmouth is the only protected anchorage (from the weather and by the Indian River Guides) on the Island of Dominica. Dominica is the most natural and poorest ( in money) of the Eastern Caribbean islands. It is the richest in natural beauty although it lacks the endless beaches that attract the big resorts. Mountainous and wet, Dominca must be appreciated from the land as there are not a whole lot of anchorages outside Portsmouth. The Indian River tour is probably the most famous of these tours and was the site of filming of Pirates of the Caribbean II and III. Dominica is the best island for fresh fish, bountious tropical fruits and vegetables, excellent hiking, swimming in the many rivers, diving, snorkeling, and viewing of exotic tropical birds. We love Dominica. Other boats loudly declared it a stinking rathole (no mongoose). Different strokes.

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