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 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

Island Home Saint Martin, French West Indies 5/15/03

Sunset With Bird Francis Bay, St. John

More Bird Sunset

neighbors In Marigot

Marigot bay, St. Martin

Marigot Bay, St. Martin

Market in Marigot, St. Martin

Market in Marigot (fort in background(

Fort in Marigot, St. Martin

French Cafe Culture

Balcony in Marigot, St. Martin

Caribbean color

Caribbean color

Garden in Marigot

Marigot shop

shop in Marigot

shopping for Madras

spices for sale in the market in Marigot

White wash

Workshop in Marigot

Purple vine

Making a dance video

Marigot dinghy dock from Fort

Canon in the battlements

French Bridge

French Bridge

Dutch Bridge

Pelican on the Dutch Bridge

Dutch Bridge Opening

Witch's tit


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