compass rose

 Accidental Cruiser in the West Indies

February 13, 2015 meeting of FOD, Pigeon Beach, Antigua
FODers at Pigeon Beach Feb 13, 2015

Fer Sure, Fer Sure

(to the tune of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot")


Swing thru, sweet low pressure
It's all gonna be OK
Swing thru sweet cold front soon
Denis is on the job today

Verse 1:

He looked at the charts and what did he see?
Coming to propel me
A band of clouds showing on the radar
its gonna be a real whoop-dee

Verse 2:

If Windows 8 will co-operate
It's all gonna be OK
He'll run all the models & study grib files
Denis is on the job today

Verse 3:

He is hand under the blanket - on that you can bank it
Denis is on the job today
If your starter won't crank and your holding tank stank
"It's all part of the fun" he'll say

Verse 4:

So who keeps him honest on his latest promise?
And who is that giggling away?
Who keeps him on track and who's got his back?
Arleen's on the j0b today!